AR-Installation "iMirror Public"

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App "UNTHActive AR"

Make the Silhouette iMirror do on the POS what it did successfully on the web and as an app, encouraging shoppers to pick and try on virtual Silhouette eyeglasses in augmented reality before consulting an optician.

Trying on eyeglasses without touching them is now an exciting window shopping experience: The Silhouette iMirror Public offers users a wide choice of virtual Silhouette sunglasses for motion-controlled, intuitive try-on. Three cameras scan the face. 3D visualizations of the glasses are placed into the face and follow every head movement, keeping the correct proportions and viewing angles in Full-HD. The Silhouette iMirror Public saw its world premiere in the summer of 2013 at the Heinemann Duty Free at Vienna´s International Airport.

The result of a strictly user experience-driven development process: real impact. A multiple award-winner, made at the Netural Lab.


Netural GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
4020 Linz

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