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  • 2015

A company undertakes to merge two up-to-now separated worlds, successfully connecting classic and direct marketing, analog and digital. This company is ERGO, an insurance group which combines brand communication and product transparency in exemplary ways.

Best of Both Worlds

Over the last one hundred years ERGO, one of Austria´s largest insurance groups, has built an international reputation, especially for excellent private insurance and pension plans. Now two subsidiary companies of the ERGO Group become one: The merger of the “classic” and “direct” sales units touches many aspects of the Group´s business, not the least the website, which Netural developed from scratch.

Merging Structures

The main issue of the website project was to create an integrated concept which represents the new unit while also catering to the needs of the two formerly separated sales structures. A strong focus was on clearly communicating the numerous insurance products and the many underlying individual distribution channels.

Modern Communication

The core task was creating clear, self-explanatory communication, explaining the advantages of a great variety of products to the customer. Generating leads was one main intention, conveying the ERGO spirit was another, the latter now served by internally editable feature stories. The new company web received a pleasant, modern layout based on the ERGO corporate identity. This website is fully accessible on mobile devices and has country-specific sections for the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. Beyond accessing mere product information, insurance customers can also take out insurance on the spot, via smartphone. With this service, ERGO sets a new standard in the insurance business.



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