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Strategy agency diffferent in Berlin and Austrian digital agency Netural have launched a joint venture, combining their potentials to answer the challenge presented by dynamic changes in technologies, customer demands and market logics with a specialized consulting approach for digital business models.

Netural diffferent (Nd) defines itself as a ‚Digital Business Architect’, providing clients with the full spectrum of brand strategies, digital business models concepts, rapid prototyping and implementation.
Netural diffferent is run by two experienced managers: Proven digital business model transformation expert Mathias Blüm joins Alexander Kiock in the management board. As a co-founder of diffferent he will keep his management position there, while also acting as Netural diffferent´s co-managing director.

Alexander Kiock, Matthias Blüm and Albert Ortig

Netural diffferent´s consulting approach combines the core competences of both Netural and different. The result is a new type of digital strategy consulting which involves both sound technology and application expertise and client-centered strategic business thinking. Nd bridges the gap between strategy and execution for digital products, services and processes. Development and support for innovation-labs and corporate startups, service design paradigm implementation in R&D and business development complete the Nd strategy portfolio.

„A changing market environment characterized by new technologies and business logics demands a new kind of strategy consulting. The digital-cum-strategy package, the combination of Netural and diffferent, inspired me to develop this new consultancy approach with exactly these partners. True to the new consultancy spirit we also take part in the implementation. Rapid prototyping is an integrated part of the package, because it produces quick and concrete learnings“, explains managing partner Mathias Blüm.

160 experts – from the start

From day one, Netural diffferent has direct access to over 160 experts in four locations - Berlin, Munich, Linz and Vienna. „We have learned technology from the bottom up, therefore our approach will produce results much quicker than conventional consulting ever could“, says Blüm.

Two agencies, one culture, one subsidary

The two partner agencies share strong similarities in cultures and corporate thinking: „Netural and diffferent uphold similar values. Both are matter-of-fact, agile and compatible with each other. And both are run by genuine entrepreneurs“, comments Alexander Kiock. Albert Ortig, founder and CEO of Netural, adds: „We team up to put smart ideas for big brands on the road, taking the game-changing ‚Digital Business Architects‘ approach.“

About Mathias Blüm

Mathias Blüm is managing partner of the digital strategy consultancy Netural diffferent. Aged 45, he has spent the 17 years of his career gathering extensive know-how in the development and implementation of digital products and business models, content strategies and multi-channel products. He also applied his solid management skills in positions like vice president digital in the Viacom North senior management, managing director of RTL subsidiary or head of marketing portal&products at Bertelsmann subsidiary Lycos Europe. In 2010, Mathias Blüm was co-founder and managing director of video startup clipkit – a cooperation of Deutsche Telekom.

About Alexander Kiock

Alexander Kiock, 44, is managing partner of the Berlin-based digital strategy consultancy Netural diffferent. He is also managing partner of strategy agency diffferent, founded in 1997, which he runs with his partners Jan Pechmann and Dirk Jehmlich. Kiock is an accomplished expert for digital brand management and business processes. He works for clients in the automotive, media and finance industries, supporting them in all aspects of digital transformation and innovative business model implementation.

About Netural diffferent

Netural diffferent, in short Nd, started in 2016 as a consultancy for digital transformation and digital business model development. Netural diffferent is a joint venture positioned at the peak of a competence triangle including the parent companies diffferent and Netural. Both hold equal shares in the joint venture, as does managing partner Mathias Blüm. The company is headquartered in Berlin. Netural diffferent´s managing directors are Mathias Blüm and Alexander Kiock.

About diffferent

diffferent started out in 1997 as the strategy agency for brand management in the digital age. With offices in Berlin and Munich, diffferent has 80 employees and works for clients like Audi, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, Google, IKEA, Porsche, Volkswagen and Zalando.

The service portfolio covers the whole range from digital transformation management and brand experience design to innovative service ecosystem development, innovation strategies and smart-data-driven strategic decision-making. With its solid understanding for brands and consumers, diffferent helps to create brand relations with relevance for both company and customer. The three f’s in „different“ represent purposeful spirit and expertise, flexibility and cooperation on level playing fields.
Managing partners: Jan Pechmann, Dirk Jehmlich, Alexander Kiock.

diffferent is independend and owner-managed.

Article: 01.12.2016


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