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“Large format” Silhouette iMirror at Vienna airport

Fascination with augmented reality is on a steady rise, and the bandwidth of options to meet clients´ expectations is growing in lockstep. But it takes lots of strategic discipline to ensure that a project really meets the communication needs of the client and its target group.

The Netural Lab enjoys considerable demand these days, not the least because of the growing interest in augmented reality solutions. Netural Lab manager Markus Pargfrieder proudly shows the latest demo videos from an already impressive collection of successful cases. During the accompanying interview he cautions against misunderstanding augmented reality as just another visual gimmick: „This would inevitably put the cart before the horse. Netural avoids that by focussing each project on the underlying strategic needs. Which produces solutions which reliably cover these needs, keep development budgets reasonable and get the desired „Whow!“ from the audience.

adidas Originals Customize:
Web & App

A case which produced an internationally resounding „Whow!“ is the adidas Originals customize eyewear App:It enables users to pick from millions of colour, shape and lens combinations to create their individual sports sunglasses, view the result from every angle and to immediately try it on virtually. – Not only on the adidas Originals customize eyewear Website, but on mobile devices as well. The latter is of key importance to the Custom Shop´s huge success, because the indispensable frontface is built into all current mobile devices off the shelf. „With Adidas Custom we could achieve a spectacular augmented reality case, because conditions were ideal“, comments Markus: „The theme invites playing and young fashion and lifestyle is a playing field in which the right approach earns you huge visibility.“

Google is your best friend: A Google search brought Austrian engineering company Untha in contact with Netural. The company was urgently in search of convincing virtual presentation technology for its internationally successful shredders. The more so, because Untha shredders are not the kind of machinery you drive to trade shows and sales meetings in the trunk of your car. Measuring up to 9 by 12 ft., and weighing tons, they produce prohibitve costs in transport. Still, Untha needs a convincing stage for products – every 10 days somewhere in Europe, on average, in settings of varying size and quality.

To enable presentations in showrooms of every size and format, the Netural Lab replaces the standard planar markers by cubes. This ensures stable, distortion-free 3D visualisation at all distances and viewing angles. The solution´s premiere is scheduled in September 2013 at an international trade show, with an AR solution scaled to 1:2. This is a solid stepstone for comparatively easy extension into every desired direction: „Once the 3D-engine is up and running and all basic definitions are made, we can visualise new machines at different scales as well as virtual „walks“ inside a machine or, e.g., augmented reality-repair manuals without excessive additional effort“, Markus explains.

CABINET, a German producer of made-to-measure wardrobes, earned amazement and enthusiasm from his distribution partnersduring his latest in-house exhibition: He presented an augmented reality solution which projects a client´s taylormade wardobe design into the furniture catalog. Additionally, he suprised the spectators with a huge rear projection screen demonstration one of his wardrobes in motion-controlled virtuality: With simple gestures, viewers could open doors, pull out drawers, swing the dress lift… – the demonstration was the talk of the evening, in spite of being nothing more than a spin off of a comprehensive 3D visualisation project. Which adds credibility to Markus Pargfrieder´s claim: Augmented reality is worthwhile, provided the development starts out from strategic needs, leads to an appropriate technical solution – and beyond that produces the added value of multiple potential applications.

Article: 12.09.2013


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