"Burning for a theme – and striving to get really good at it."

Albert, what is currently going on at Netural?

As always, quite a lot! Our organization has finally left its teenage years behind. We have grown up and are now involved with international projects and clients who operate to the highest standards. This brings issues like strategy, technology and business models to the forefront. Furthermore, we are currently busy in Berlin, because we have recently entered a joint venture with a leading German brand strategy agency. We love this cooperation for the exciting new perspectives it offers.

An important ongoing issue is the development of our company culture. We have always fostered a distinct “family” spirit with a strong focus on employees´ quality of life, and we keep working on this: Lately, we have introduced organic lunch menus and a daycare program for children during school vacations, and now we are busy working out a mobility concept. After all, what is success in business, if we do not enjoy what we are doing and the way we are living our lives! (laughs)

What do you expect from your employees? What do you value, and what are the no-no´s?

I love it when people develop a burning interest in special themes and get really good at those, and I appreciate people who are outstanding in their very individual ways. Mind that being outstanding is not necessarily an expertise thing, it may as well be a personality trait, like a special sensitivity for other people's needs, a talent for seeing through complexity, or a loving care for the smallest details. Also, while this may sound a bit banal, to be a part of Netural, you have to be open-minded and appreciating of a wide variety of different languages, technologies and countries of origin. You should always look, and move forward, with pride. That said, there are not many no-no´s, except maybe talking without doing or always sticking passively to the safe side. Dare to make mistakes - there is no innovation without taking risks, and your mistake may well help us grow.

How does Netural process job applications?

This really depends on the situation. We receive applications through our website and from job platforms and, more and more frequently, through word of mouth and personal recommendations from our staffers. Some people even personally hand me their applications during trade fairs and information days in colleges and universities. Our human resource team or the relevant department will handle the pre-screening, usually in a preliminary interview. Here, we look beyond the applicants´ skills at their personalities, trying to understand the passions that drive them. People who match our criteria will have a second interview, this time with our management. We usually make quick decisions and communicate our reasoning to the applicants.

How does Netural go about getting both newcomers and seniors on board?

A very important incentive for newcomers and seniors is offering a shortcut to real responsibility: At Netural, you may find 20 years-old technical college graduates leading teams. On the other hand, there are our mentorships and onboardings, conference trips and, generally, an infrastructure which makes working at Netural exciting and attractive. Experienced seniors appreciate the outstandingly attractive projects our clients trust us with. Here is a project environment where they can really make the most of their personalities, experience and skills. Generally said, we offer a huge amount of space for individual development in a lively, inspiring and dynamic project landscape and work environment.

Why does Netural offer so many family-centered activities?

Many employees have recently arrived in Linz. Others have only recently started a family. We feel that the best support we can give them is building a network of likeminded people. After all, the only reliable basis for real success is real happiness. Therefore, we reach out beyond the immediate work environment and support private life activities wherever it makes sense.

What is your recommendation for really ambitioned newcomers?

Develop your passion for your individual theme and really delve into it. Never lurk around on the surface of things, always dig deeper until you really get to the heart of a matter.

Last question: Ever since your student days, you have dreamed of having your office in the Dames building at Tabakfabrik Linz. Now that you have it – are you happy?

Absolutely! The architecture and the location close to the river have always impressed me. This special flair and all the exciting developments in our close vicinity are a huge and lasting delight!

Thank you for your time, Albert!

My pleasure!

Article: 01.03.2017


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