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Digital follows people
We are human centered.

Being both thinkers and doers, we are deeply committed and insatiably curious, no less today than at the start of Netural in 1998. We have cultivated a rare and very harmonious interplay between creativity and technical precision, creating digital beauty which elegantly hides even the most enormous underlying complexities. We love to apply the latest technologies, but never as gimmicks to show off. Instead, we use them as tools to solve the core needs of our clients. In spite – or maybe because? - of all their sophistication, our solutions are always simple and elegant. We develop them for our clients - and review them through the eyes of the users.

Bespoke digital

We appreciate comparisons with „batch size one" factories, with many characteristics of handicraft manufactures to complete the picture: Confronted with a specific idea or request, we rarely execute right away. Instead, we enter a value creation process, studying the client´s business, getting to the bottom of all requirements, applying appropriate technologies to take user experiences to whole new levels, all the while thinking and acting with great agility to adapt to the ever-changing environments in which our clients operate. Ambition is the main driving force in the Netural world.

Our approach.

Netural builds its organization and systems on smooth communication and fast decision-making. Our designers share their desks with the engineers and projects are handled by trans-disciplinary operative teams of strategy/consulting, UX/UI design, engineering and 3D/AR/VR experts.

As a matter of principle we will execute only in-house concepts and designs, ensuring smooth solutions with integrated concept and user-focused design.

Communication quality is always the key: Developing solutions which usually have deep implications for clients´ business processes, Netural has long understood the importance of friction-free internal and external exchanges, building an ability to smoothly interact with, and navigate between, management boards, marketing, sales and IT departments.

Starting from a given objective we calibrate procedures according to the actual briefing status, recommending to either kick off the design and development stage right away or to schedule preliminary service design workshops and rapid prototyping pretests. Never mind tight deadlines: We are accomplished sprinters.


»We put digital business transformation strategies to work, creating sustainable value with highest user acceptance in digital products, services and platforms for both currently and future market-leading companies. To this end we combine concept, UX/UI, programming and also rollout and operation.«


Home in spring.

From our very start we have worked in an innovation environment, always aiming at new markets and segments. Those who cooperate with us appreciate the vibes and the network in the unicorn forest.

Thinking ahead and starting something new.

Roomle is a digital room-planning and furnishing tool. This is a serial award-winner and beyond that, it has taught us valuable knowledge: Spinning off Roomle in 2014, we have gathered full-spectrum insights into venture capital-driven business models, proofs and financing. We appreciate that, because learning, exploring and being on the move is our favourite way of life. In order to adapt organizations to the requirements of digitalization, executives regularly meet at Netural for "HR Coworking Days".

The latest sprout in our garden is Storyblok, a content editing system spin-off launched lately by two Netural employees.

Netural´s spin-off Roomle started out in 2014 with a focus on added value in furniture marketing. Without training or instructions, everyone can use Roomle to draw floorplans, furnish rooms and configurate furniture. In September, 2016, Roomle reached the magical “one million registered users” mark.

Content management as a service: Storyblok is Netural´s CM spin-off, providing tools to make content efficiently serviceable by developers and immediately available for editors. Immediately after its launch, Storyblok became the content management tool of choice in some very prominent companies.

Social Hearts has spun off from Netural´s „Content & Community“ unit as a young social media agency. Located in Vienna´s Naschmarkt neighborhood, the agency team creates very personal brand experiences to turn users into devoted fans. The focus is on planning and execution of social media events, especially community events like Instawalks or blogger meetings.


Do what you do best and grow wings.

Nearly everyone working at Netural has graduated from a technical college, an art school or a university. Cool code kids and old salts team up, all driven by a shared passion, and they really get things done.

But passion is only one wing, and needing two wings to fly, we add joy: Netural appreciates and amplifies every employee´s individual strengths. The resulting healthy amounts of joy are the key to the outstanding quality of our work and the enthusiasm of our clients. Letting everybody do what they do best will reliably produce genuine Netural quality.



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